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About Me:


My educational path has led me to study at Cal Poly, The California College of the Arts,

and the New York Academy of Art. I’ve been interested in art my entire life. Now I teach

at Las Positas College, in Livermore.

When I’m not teaching or in the studio, I’m generally exploring the outdoors of Northern California. 

Oil Paintings:


My newest work is an extension of my relationship with the natural world, which I love to explore.  The people, scenery, and events occurring while searching for a new mountain, basin, lake, or valley are never-ending fuel for my paintings. In contrast to previous work which described the sublime, new paintings focus on the pastoral. I’m interested in communicating the energy of the moment, the feeling of that time and place, and the truth beyond a physical reality. 



I am interested in the dualities I see shaping the grand dance of the universe: tragedy and beauty, chaos and order, destruction and creation. The paintings I make are enigmatic meditations on impermanence and the sublime. My work is heavily influenced by my love of spending time surrounded by mountains, staring at the stars, and considering the epic of what has come before and the potential for the future. 


The notion of impermanence, championed by Buddhists, is also a theme in this work. In comparison to rocks or mountains our time here on Earth is minute; yet everything is in a state of change, including geology. In our lifetimes a mountain, or boulder, or rock, or star may not appear to be changing at all. But everything is in a state of flux, being altered by the stresses and influences of what is near and the physics of our reality.

Photo Credit: Maria Teicher

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